Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thank you to Jacki by Renae Kaye

There was a time in my life when I wondered what it was like to be a writer.

I no longer need to wonder, because I’m finally settled into calling myself a writer and proudly doing so.  (It only took 3 years.)

If someone was to ask me what’s it like to be a writer, the first thing I would think is FUN.  It’s so much fun to take this idea in your head and bring it to life.  You take an image, a name, a concept… and you breath on it, you plot it, to work it, you mould it…  and you end up with a story that you can read over and over.

The second think I would think is HARD WORK.  The days when the words aren’t working for you, the story plot needs tweaking and the rewrites.  The days of editing, proofing and more editing.  The bad reviews, the promotions and the feeling like you’re talking to an empty space.  These can all be soul crushing if you let them.  You need to see the bigger picture as well as the smaller picture.  But don’t ever think writing is not hard work.

Writing is also HUMBLING.  Readers are wonderful and when they rave about your latest book, you feel ecstatic, but often unworthy of such adoration.  When a reader contacts you with how your writing influenced them or how much it meant to them, you really can’t express how thankful you are for that praise.  And when you start thinking about all the people in the world who have read your work…  Humbling.  Simply humbling.

But writing has opened up a whole world for me.  I have friends I’ve met over social media who I chat with and it’s amazing how much we can find in common.  It’s wonderful to chat to another person who has read the entire series of a certain author, and we can sit and say, “Wouldn’t it be great if the author wrote about this couple…?”

I regularly chat with other people on the other side of the world – yet they know nothing more about me other than my books and my social media presence.  This is because we’ve connected in a different way – usually our mutual love of MM Romance.

And then I get the readers who leave me… speechless.  Like Ms Jacki Perrette.  I have no idea how I can thank her enough, and I don’t think I can put my gratefulness into enough words.  This week I toddled off to check my PO Box and found an odd box.  A box I wasn’t expecting.  I brought it home and opened it and was moved to tears at the thoughtfulness of Jacki.

She’d sent me pressies.

As well as some rainbow unicorn poop, a rainbow sheep, some NoH8 bling and a Pulse Nightclub remembrance shirt, Jacki had given me something that was wonderful!  We’d often discussed our favourite authors, and I mentioned I was a huge fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and that she had influenced my own writing.  So Jacki bought me a paperback of Susan’s latest book… and then got it signed.  For me.  OMG!

Of course, Jacki being Jacki, she asked the most famous Susan Elizabeth Phillips to write “Ha ha, Renae!” because Jacki had the pleasure of meeting one of our favourite authors and I was without on the other side of the world.

So I’m dedicating this blog to Jacki.  Thank you, Jacki.  Thank you for being a friend to chat with.  Thank you for reading, beta-ing, and critiquing my work.  Thank you for my presents.  Thank you for teasing me.  Just thank you.

Jacki has her own hopes and dreams, and I’ve been privileged enough to be privy to them.  Jacki also wants to someday be a published author, and I know it will come true.  Because when you want something that bad, you work at it until you succeed.  So remember the name “Jacki Perrette” folks, because one day she’ll have her own story.

In other news, Safe in His Heart is now out on audio.  Yay!  You can find it on Audible here.

How to contact Renae:
Twitter:  @renaekkaye

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