Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Mind of a Writer by Riley Hart

Hello. Happy Thursday. I've been trying to figure out something to blog about today but nothing would come to me. I kept thinking and thinking and felt like I was hitting my head against the wall. LOL. So, I opened my document and decided to do a little writing sprint to see if that helped.

I'm working on the first book in a new series that I'm calling WeHo Boys for now. It's about a group of four friends and takes place in West Hollywood. I've had trouble figuring out some aspects of one of my characters. He just hadn't fully painted a clear picture of himself to me. I've asked friends to help me brainstorm and little pieces would come together here and there but I wasn't getting the full picture. Still, I've been trying to write through it.

So...back today. I'm doing a writing sprint to stop stressing about what to blog about and as I'm writing something just happened. This one little piece of dialogue that totally made me GET this character. I understand him now. I know where he's coming from. Sure, I'll have to tweak some things in the beginning of the book, but that's okay. He's finally told me who he is!!! He just needed me to stop pushing him and to just let it happen on it's own...and in doing that, I figured Jesse out...and I also found my blog topic! LOL.

It's funny how those things work sometimes. I think the more we stress ourselves out, the harder answers are to find. So, my motto is to try and let it go, and wait until the answer comes to me :)

Easier said than done, most of the time...

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