Friday, September 23, 2016

There is a Season, Turn Turn Turn. By Felice Stevens

     Farewell Summer. I loved you well. Now we're on to Autumn, so many people's favorite season. Cozy sweaters, snuggly scarves and boots, along with hot apple cider or hot chocolate replace the icey cold drinks of the summer.
     I enjoy the ever changing multi-colors and mourn when we have that one big rainstorm or big wind that rips the final remaining leaves from the trees leaving them to arch bare against the cold gray skies
     Its also the season where the days get shorter and daylight fades earlier. That, unfortunately is the main thing I dislike about the season. Well, that, coupled with the cold weather. I hate leaving work in the dark and I don't like the cold seeping into my feet and turning the tips of my fingers numb.
     So tell me what is your favorite season and why?

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