Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weirdest things we've done to make money and more! BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Thanks to Labor Daay, we were inspired to write about jobs!

The questions!

What was your first job.

What's been your best job besides writing

what's the weirdest thing you've done for money

describe your hottest co-worker ever

did you ever dramatically quit a job/get fired/ walk out on the first day?

Here we go!

BA says:

My first job was running orders and food for a food truck at a trade days. I worked Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday. 😀 My very best job beside writing was production manager for a newspaper. I love design and I loved being a manager and newspaper work is amazing. Weirdest? I dressed up as a loaf of Wonder Bread (Freddy the Fresh Guy, it's a thing, really) and handed out coupons at grocery stores. Hottest coworker? Blonde, blue eyes, great boobs, one hell of a smile and a nice ass.

When I was a production manager at IBM, I turned in a manager for age discrimination to OSHA. Once they found out, I knew they were going to fire me, so we packed my office, I took the department to lunch, and then we got drunk. On my way over across the parking lot to have my 'meeting', I was in tears, and I prayed that I would be able to keep my shit together.

When I got to the door and opened it, it was like I was possessed. I said everything right. It was magic.

My first unofficial job was cleaning pipettes at my father's lab. My first real job was as a shelver at the local library. My best job is a tie between the job at the library (my God, all the books!) and the summer I worked as the assistant to the director at Friends of the Earth. Wieridest thing...I guess embroidering towels at this tiny shop in a mall in Sydney.

There was one guy who had short dark hair and dark eyes. He was slender and had a great accent -- he was originally from Spain. I have never dramatically quit/gotten fired/walked out of a job.

Kiernan's Answers

1. Working in an Anne Klein scarf factory. I packed boxes and stocked shelves. Very exciting and dangerous work -- no, really. They had these giant floor fans with no cages around the blades. I walked too close to one and it chopped off a piece of my elbow.

2. Facepainting. I really enjoy it. It was difficult when I painted in the parks because of the heat and drunk tourists, loud tourists, obnoxious tourists, and well, tourists, but now that I do it once in a while privately for my own company, it’s great. The kids rock.

3. I wrote a story about a haunted butt plug that sounded like Alan Rickman.

4. Gah...I worked at Disney. There were lots of gorgeous men and women all around. I can’t pick just one. LOL

5. No, except in my mind.


My first job was babysitting and helping my brother with his paper route. My best job before writing was as an assistant manager at a bookstore. The pay was crap, but I loved my job. The weirdest was being a clown. I met a lady when I graduated college who offered to let me apprentice with her. Within that scope, the weirdest thing I did as a clown was an adult birthday party where they paid me to put on my makeup. Very, very weird. My hottest co-worker was named Lee and he was so yummy, but he got fired a week after I started. I delivered phone books for a day. I turned in my notice after the colonias with the raw sewage spilling on the ground and the dog who tried to attack me.

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