Friday, September 16, 2016

What Would You Do? by Felice Stevens

If you follow me, you know that I am an unabashed fan of certain reality TV. Some of my favorite shows are the Real Housewives franchise. This season's Real Housewives of New York City has been one of the better shows because of the conflict between "Countess" Luann and the other women, specifically, Bethenny, Sonja and Ramona. You see, Luann is now engaged to marry a man who not only dated Ramona right before he met Luann, BUT also had a friends with benefits relationship with Sonja for ten years.


If I wrote that, I'm sure people would decry these facts and say that it couldn't happen. But in real life, things occur that people don't believe are true because they seem so far fetched.

To make matters worse, Luann's fiance was caught kissing another woman a week after they were engaged and when Bethenny found out through pictures someone sent her, she was afraid to tell Luann.

What would you do? Would you tell a friend that you have evidence of her soon to be husband or wife kissing another person, or knowing it would upset them would you wait and see what happens. Or would you never tell?

Oh, and I also love Real Housewives of Orange County and they have equally crazy issues.....stay tuned.


  1. That's a very good question. I'm a huge Housewives fan. I love NY and Beverly Hills, but I digress. In the situation with LuAnn, I don't think Bethany should have told her. It's a losing situation for Bethany even if she was trying to do the right thing. I think it boils down to how much the two women really care and like each other in the first place. Now, if the two women were best friends then I think Bethany would have told her the news and it would have come from the heart. I hate to talk bad about Bethany because she really is my favorite character of all the housewives, but I think she was doing some shit-stirring with the reveal.

    LOL Gee, I think I've thought a bit too much about other people's lives on a reality tv show.

  2. That is ironic Luann dating someone who was with Romona and Sonja, considering she got her panties in such a bunch when Carole dated the chef who had dated Luann's niece!!! What a crock. lol. And as for the question posed, if it was a good friend I would tell her. Girl code. You protect your friends. Period. They can hate you from then on for being honest, but at least you did the right thing.