Friday, October 28, 2016

GRL Recap by Felice Stevens

Last week I attended my second GRL (Gay Romance Literature) convention. Almost 400 of us descended—for want of a better word—on the Westin in Kansas City to talk about our love for gay romance books. There was dining at fabulous BBQ restaurants, huge cinnamon rolls pancakes and maybe (just MAYBE) a few margaritas and glasses of Prosecco were consumed. 

What struck me this year as it did the last was the absolute devotion both readers and authors have for this genre. People travel from all over the world to come for four days to sit and talk about gay romance. How awesome is that? Pictures and videos were taken and books, Kindle covers, and programs were signed and while readers were excited to meet authors, I personally was so excited to meet some of the people I'd only known through a computer screen. And yes, I was also thrilled to meet authors whose books I have loved from when I first started reading gay romance.

And don't forget the swag. There were buttons, bookmarks, chocolate, pens, mini handcuffs, rainbow bracelets, chocolate, lip balm, magnets, chocolate.....  It all made my little swaggy heart happy.

The coordinators of the event do their ultimate best to create a safe space for everyone and they succeeded. I strongly urge everyone to try and come as either a reader or author. You can be as social as you choose and I know all I saw was smiles. 

Oh and the margaritas are not mandatory but do help.

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