Friday, October 14, 2016

Packing Up by Felice Stevens

This is the final weekend before GRL and of course I'm thinking I'll never be ready. Silly of course because I have everything....don't I?
Swag, and books and candy...wait, no I don't  have candy. Put that on the list. What clothes to wear-check the temperature. Dig out the sweaters.
I loved my first GRL last year in San Diego. I got to meet friends I'd only known on line and fangirl over authors I've been reading for years and never thought I'd meet. It's such a low-key fun event. I can't thank the organizers enough. 
Next Friday, which happens to be my birthday, I'll do a post from GRL and show everyone what's going on. 
But for now, back to my list and checking it twice, three times.....

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