Friday, November 25, 2016

The Day After by Felice Stevens

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! 
Now that we've recovered, at least partially from our food comas, its time to hit those sales!

Or not.

I gave up braving the Black Friday sales years ago. I can do everything I want from the comfort of my living room. I may venture out to go to the bookstore or to Starbucks, but no malls for me!

To keep myself busy, I have edits on my next book, Reunited. In Reunited, you will catch up with Ryder, Jason and all the gang five years later. These guys are living their happily ever after, until real life comes and smacks them in the face, forcing them to see the cracks they'd ignored in their perfect marriage.
You can add it to your Goodreads shelf here:

Unofficial Blurb:

Ryder Daniels and Jason Mallory seem to have it all but even the most loving marriage takes work. Ryder's past leads him to remain silent yet resentful in the face of conflict while Jason struggles to prove he can take care of his family without Ryder's wealth, even if it costs him precious time with his husband and daughter.

When a devastating illness leaves them shaken and helpless, Ryder is forced to face the one person he never thought to see again with a life or death request that even he isn't sure will be granted, but his decisions have far-reaching consequences. Believing he and Ryder have no secrets, Jason is distraught to discover otherwise, revealing yet another crack in their once-perfect relationship.

Adrift and uncertain, both struggle to hold onto a love previously thought unshakeable. A forbidden past is exposed, shocking Ryder to the core, but it means little without Jason by his side. True marriage is a partnership and both men must learn that only working through their pain and heartbreak together can they achieve a lifetime of love.


  1. OMG!! Way to get us pumped up for this one. So much intrigue...can't wait!

    1. :- ) I hope you'll enjoy it. I loved revisiting with them again

  2. Replies
    1. <3 Thanks, Jaime! I'm looking at a late January release right now.