Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Questions with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we're answering a baker's dozen Christmas themed questions.

1 - What is your favorite all time gift you received
2 - What one decoration do you put out that really means Christmas to you?
3 - White Christmas (the weather), yay or boo?
4 - What flavor pie is the most Christmas to you?
5 - White Christmas (the movie) - yay or nay?
6 - How many elves does it take to change a lightbulb?
7 - Santa - jolly old elf or creepy old dude?
8 - When do you open your gifts?
9 - What's your favorite Christmas Carol?
10 - Egg nog or some other holiday drink?
11 - Do you sleep in on Christmas morning or wake up early to open gifts?
12 - can you name all 8 reindeer without looking it up?
13 - What's your favorite Christmas cookie? (a baking question for the baker's dozen one)

1. I got a metronome when I was in sixth grade and I was over the moon. Seriously. Once a music geek, always a music geek.
2. I have an elf ornament that was my granny's. Mother sent it to me a few years ago and it means Christmas to me.
3. When I was in Texas, that would have been a miracle, but here, it happens. I'm sort of indifferent.
4. Hrm. Pie and Christmas aren't a thing for me, I guess. COOKIES!
5. It's my girl's favorite holiday movie. I look forward to sitting and watching it with her every year.
6. None. Those little fuckers have it automated.
7. Spirit of Christmas. I still believe. 😀 (Those who do not believe do not get Santa visits)
8. Christmas morning.
When I was a teenager, my stepfather's children were used to opening presents Christmas Eve. We did it and I woke the next day utterly heartbroken that there was nothing of Christmas to look forward to. I've never opened gifts on the 24th again.
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain
10. I HATE egg nog. Give me coffee and Baileys.
11. We wake up EARLY!
12. Absolutely. There goes Crunchy and Dapper and Skanky and Ho-Dog, Bubba and Pooter and Tractor and Crow Bar...
Please do as BA has done and answer one of the white christmas question for snow on the ground and the second one to mean the movie, for lo I am a dork

1. I got a baby doll one year in a baby buggy -- I was ecstatic
2. Trees! My girl and I have lots but they all mean something
3. Snow is nice as long as it's gone the next day so Yay
4. Pecan
5. I love Danny Kaye, so yay on the movie. I also love the banter
6. depends on how vaulted the ceiling might be
7. Jolly old elf
8. Christmas morning. It's important to my girl
9. O Holy Night
10. Nog! Uhn
11. we get up early and have coffee while we open, then breakfast and a wee nap for me
12. yes but I'm too lazy to type
13. chocolate chip or oatmeal scotchie

1. A mother's ring with the birthstones of my three children in it. 🙂
2. I have a set of musical bells (they play Silent Night) that used to hang in my mom's kitchen for as long as I remember. They're older than I am. I actually keep them hanging up in my kitchen year-round.
3. The chances of snow in Central Florida is slim-to-none unless you go to Disney, but since their snow is actually soap flakes, you probably don't want to catch any on your tongue. Blech
4. We don't ordinarily do pies for Christmas. My very Italian family does cookies, cannolis, and zeppoli.
5.  Definitely a yay! One of my favorite holiday movies. That scene at the end when they open the barn doors and reveal that it's snowing (and there's a sleigh in the background even though it's only been snowing for like, ten minutes) is a particular favorite.
6. Zero. That's Bumble's job.
7. Jolly old elf with a strange addiction to candy canes and a fondness for nose-twitching.
8. After midnight on Christmas Eve. We've always done it that way in my family, and we continued with our kids. The hubs would dress up in full Santa regalia to wake the kids by ringing a bell. It was awesome.
9. The Little Drummer Boy. The line "then he smiled at me" makes me cry.
10. I used to like egg nog and hot chocolate, but since I can't have them anymore, I settle for chocolate-flavored coffee. 🙂
11. Sleep in! Our gifts are already opened.
12. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. And Rudolph, which makes nine.
13. I love stain glass cookies (sugar cookies with melted hard candies in the middle that look like stained glass).

1. A bike when I was about eight
2. A little 'nusseman' which is a Danish cross between santa and an elf
3. Yes! It's not Christmas if there isn't any snow.
4. My grandmother always used to make my father a rhubarb pie (or take an already made one out of the freezer) whenever we visited, and we always visited at Christmas - so it strangely enough is a pie that means Christmas to me.
5. Okay, here's where I admit I don't really watch old movies and I've never seen White Christmas.
6. It takes all the elves to change a lightbulb because they do everything together.
7. Jolly Old Elf
8. My mom is Danish and their tradition is on Christmas Eve. I remember coming home from school one year and saying that everyone opened theirs on Christmas Day. My parents told me I was welcome to wait until Christmas Day, but they were opening theirs on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, I decided I could live with being different!
9. The Huron Carol is my favorite, followed closely by The Little Drummer Boy, but I love all of them.
10. I hate egg nog. I have just discovered salted caramel baileys in hot chocolate, though, and that's a new winter favorite.
11. Sleep in, though that's a relative term - managing to stay asleep until 8 am is sleeping in for me. I am not a morning person and wish I wasn't in the habit of being up early so I could sleep in longer!
12. I can, but I have to sing them.
13. I think I have a new favorite - Salted Toffee Cashew Chews that I made for the first time this year. So yummy!

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