Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Forward by Felice Stevens

We didn't have much luck with 2016, did we?

 I know this is the time of year where people write posts on "What I accomplished this past year." Personally, I never liked those posts; I prefer to look ahead to a fresh and new year. This past week sent many of us in the writing world reeling with the unexpected and sudden closure of a once trusted sales outlet and ersatz publisher. But I have no desire to dwell on that either.

So this will be what I hope for in the coming year, 2017 for myself. I want to write the book I've been putting off because of fear. I want to learn more about the business side of this wild and wacky industry that changes on the breath of the wind. If we don't stay two steps ahead, we'll irrevocably fall behind. I want to keep learning about the craft of writing; I never want to stop trying to be better. My favorite quote is from one of my favorite authors, Grace Burrowes: "Writing is easy. Good writing is hard." 

I want to be more conscientious about being organized and journaling. I know I joke but I've been caught short and I don't like that feeling.

What I don't want to do is get caught up in the Twitter fires and daily storms that take time away from writing. I've learned that someone is always going to be upset about something.

I want to take the time to thank the people who have made me happiest. First has to be my friend and fellow author Sandra Owens. If not for Sandy, I never would have written. We met on-line, critiqued each other's works and there's no one I trust more.  Thanks to my buddies S.c. Wynne and Carroll (C.s.) Poe for always being around to lend a shoulder and an ear. To Josh Lanyon and my Fanyon family of Marilyn, David, Steve, Dianne, Carli and the rest of the gang, you guys make my day, every day. To Riley Hart, thanks for being my friend. And to Cardeno C, I owe more than words can say.

But most of all, I have to thank the readers. Without you there is no journey. I owe you everything. So thanks for sticking with me, buying my books and writing those reviews. You have no idea how much your support, emails and messages mean to me.

So lets usher out 2016 with a kick in the butt, and welcome in a bright and shiny 2017. 


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