Tuesday, December 6, 2016

worst gift ever by BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Who hasn't gotten a white elephant, or at least given one. Well, it turns out Kiernan and Sean..

What was your worst gift ever?

Sean Michael says, Either I'm not that discerning, I've wiped it from my memory or I've been lucky, but I can't remember a crazy or stinker of a gift.

Kiernan Kelly says: I guess I've been really lucky - I don't remember a gift I hated or thought was ridiculous. My mom, on the other hand...I remember one year my dad bought her this awful, giant, neon orange glass fish. She kept it on her dresser until it finally "disappeared."

BA Tortuga says: I got a giant ceramic cock from a lady at church.

Julia Talbot says: my grandma Blair was a little batty. Every year she sent me something awful. When I was five she sent a size 18 dress from Macy's. When I was a size 18 at 18, she sent me an extra extra small robe from Fredericks of Hollywood. The worst one was a giant (and I mean at the time it was 8 sizes too large) velour robe that zipped all the way up the front. It was appliqued with hearts and butterflies, and it smelled like donkey ass.

Her packages would come, and I would cry and cry.

What's y'all's best?



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  1. My ex-husband gave me a hand held vacuum cleaner for Christmas one year. Seriously. There was a reason everyone in my family referred to him as The Idiot. The only time he gave me anything even remotely appropriate, I found out the gifts had been chosen by his girlfriend.