Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday with Felice by Felice Stevens

Happy New Year! I've been writing like a little fiend lately. As if I didn't have enough with Reunited coming January 31st and the re-releases of After the Fire and Embrace the Fire in the next few months, an idea for a Valentine's short story literally popped into my head as I was falling asleep the other night.

Within two days I have almost 8,000 words written. this will most likely be a free shorty story offered on all sales platforms. It's about the guys from Learning to Love—chef Gideon and Jonah the Rabbi.

So because I didn't have much time to write a post, I turned it over to the wonderful readers in my group to ask me questions.
So here we go:

1.Who are your favorite characters both in your own books and other people's books?
Ooh everyone always wants to know your favorite child!!  I do love them all, but the ones I loved writing the most were, Asher Davis from A Walk Through Fire, Marcus Feldman from Second to None and Gideon Marks from Learning to Love. I just love them.

As for my favorite characters from other books, in MM I love Adrien and Jake from Josh Lanyon, and Nick and Perry from The Ghost wore Yellow Socks from Josh as well. I know there are more. In MF books, I love Damon deWolfe from Danelle Harmon's Wicked at Heart and Lord Tristan from The Lord of Temptation, by Lorriane Heath. These two books SO GREAT!!!

2.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3.What do you do for fun? You work a lot.
I do. But I do have fun while I work. I have a close group of writer friends and we help each other. I love to cook and many of the meals I mention in my books I make myself. I spend time with my children; we go out to breakfast on the weekends  and my daughter and I go to the gym together. I love to travel and I'm lucky my husband loves to plan trips. I used to knit and do needlepoint; I should get back into it. And of course I read.

Well, that's it for the first Friday with Felice post. I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Awww. I love both your cleverness in getting this blog out of readers AND your lovely answer to #1. <3