Sunday, January 29, 2017

Instagram Wrap-Up! by Christa Tomlinson

It's the end of the month, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite January posts from Instagram. When Instagram was first taking off, I resisted it. I didn't want to join yet another social media world and it seemed redundant. I already posted pictures on Facebook and Twitter, so what was the point? But eventually I joined, mostly due to the cool pics my friend Feisty was always sharing. And now I'm hooked!

What I like about Instagram is the fact that it's visually based. When I just want to scroll and look at pretty pictures and cool graphics, Instagram is where I go. It's a nice break from word heavy Facebook and Twitter. Plus, using the Instagram filter features makes my photos look like I actually know how to use a camera.


This is probably my favorite of the month because the mug and my expression are hilarious. The night before this picture, I'd stayed up until about three in the morning. I was watching Return of the Jedi, because after 37 years on this earth without seeing nary a Star Wars movie, I figured it was time. I am now firmly on board with the Rebel Alliance. Unfortunately, I was feeling the pain when I had to get up at 7 to walk the dogs and then get started writing. That pain is so obvious in my face. The mug - which I ordered after I saw a friend take a similarly hilarious picture with it - pretty much summed up how I felt.

My two doggos! The blonde is Mindy. The brunette is Chunky. I was relaxing on the couch, minding my own business, when these two came over and started jockeying for position to sit in front of me. I tell you, they are the most jealous dogs. Whenever one gets affection, the other immediately comes running over to break it up. I know this by now, so I just let them fight it out. This is how they solved the problem, squeezing both their big selves into the little square in front of me. Silly fur babies.

These days, I do most of my writing in yWriter. It's a great program for keeping your scenes and chapters separate and organized. The problem is, when I need to "see" the "flow" of stories it's a little hard to do because they're umm... separate. In this case, the order of the second half of my WIP wasn't making sense to me. So, I printed the scenes out, lined them up and did a little reorganizing and combining. Seeing the scenes all at once really helped and I was able to get the story back on track.

Another example of needing to work with hard copy. Sometimes, I reach a point in a scene where typing just isn't working any more. I need to free write, and scratch out, and draw lines connecting sentences and paragraphs. Working by hand also helps when I'm either A) struggling not to edit while writing or B) trying to get away from the horrible time suck of the internet. (Shout out to the Yuri on Ice magazine that's waiting for me to read it tomorrow.)

Coffee selfie number two! I usually take these every Monday. I figure since I'm addicted to buying coffee mugs (and guzzling coffee) I might as well show them off. This one is cool because it's clear (I don't know why that matters to my brain) and the little saying is clever. Good job coffee mug maker factory.

And last but definitely not least. Voltron Legendary Defender is back! You'll notice the Voltron Lions themed manicure. I watched the original as a kid, really disliked the reboot they did in 2011, and fell in love with the 2016 Netflix/DreamWorks version. It's amazing. Season 2 is even better than the first. I spent the day binging it all when it uploaded on January 20th.

Fun fact. I ship Shiro and Keith, aka Sheith. I ship them so hard. Remember my goal to get back to writing fan fiction? Whelp, thanks to Sheith I'm already on it. I wrote a short fic for them. And as I promised myself, I also used it as a chance to try writing something outside my comfort zone. For this fic, it was Lactation!Kink. It was a little weird at first, but eventually my brain didn't care about anything but making the story work. You go, brain.

And that's my Instagram Wrap-Up! I hope you enjoyed it. If you're on Instagram, give me a follow and I'll be sure to follow back. You can find me as christa.tomlinson or follow this link:   Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!

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