Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's A New Year! It's A New Day! By S.C. Wynne

Hi all!

It's here! It's 2017! Do you feel different? Has your life take a dramatic turn? Okay, it is only seven days in.

I think this year will be good. I'll admit I'm a bit apprehensive about our new President. I try not to think about it most of the time. But all things change and all things pass whether we want them to or not. I'm looking to the future because it will come regardless.

Do you have high hopes for your coming year? Are you trying to be positive or have you given into the glum thoughts that often stalk us? I'm determined to be optimistic about 2017. I like to think that having a good attitude will make things easier. It definitely will make it easier on those around me!

I once worked with a man who was cheerful no matter what. It didn't seem to affect him if things were dire. He was always the same regardless of his circumstances. I want to be like that. I'm not like that yet. I tend to react and then catch myself. But wouldn't it be amazing to just immediately respond with confidence that all will be well?

I think my New Years Resolution will be to react slower. The trust that things will work themselves out without me driving the bus all the time. I want to be more patient and I'm going to work on that during 2017.

So Happy New Year to you all and I'm thinking only good thoughts for us all!


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