Monday, January 2, 2017

New Place to Buy My Books by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday and happy new year! The end of 2016 was a bit of an adventure in reader-land when All Romance ebooks - one of my favorite places to buy books - went out of business, taking with it people's libraries. Most people read on Kindle and like to buy their books on Amazon, but there are readers who prefer to read on epub or pdf and there are some who read on a Kindle but want to buy their books elsewhere so I've spent the last few days trying to find alternative places to sell my books. Thanks to great advice from readers, I'm trying a new place called Payhip and I'd love to know your thoughts on it.

There are three things I like about Payhip.
  1. Readers can get 25% off all my books. On the right side of each of my product listings on Payhip there's a "Share" button. If you click on that link to share the book on FB or twitter, Payhip automatically reduces the book price for you by 25%!
  2. The books are available in all formats (epub, pdf, and mobi) and you can download them so they're not stuck in the cloud where someone can take them from you.
  3. You pay for books with PayPal and from what I understand, that's helpful for people outside of the U.S.
I linked Payhip to each product page on my website. If you try it, let me know what you think. Have a great week.



  1. Already finding it frustrating. Can't find a search mechanism, no wishlist mechanism, I have no idea how it knows it is me returning and that worries me. Maybe it's time for a coffee, I sound far to whiney this early in the am

    1. PS, Although in Australia, I usually use USD in a multi-currency card which gives me flight points. It also means I can buy the $ at a favourable exchange rate

    2. :) Coffee is always a good idea. I don't think this vendor is going to replace traditional book sellers where you can search for new books or make lists. It's not one click easy either. It's more a place to buy books you know you want if you want to be able to download them and own the file (which you can't do on most retailers who store your books in the cloud but don't let you download actual copies) or if you want a pdf or epub version (which you can't get on Amazon). My goal is to have my books available in as many places and formats as possible so readers who have different preferences can get what they need.