Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Releases from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Hey y'all!

We're so tickled to show y'all our new releases!

BA, Kiernan and I have a new shared universe called Club Raven. It's set at and around a gentleman's club in 1870s Baltimore, and it's all about paranormal talents.

Calling His Bluff is BA's title. It's about gambler Remy and ex-soldier Patrick and how they learn to deal with Patrick's psychic talent.

It's here on our retail site, Evil Plot Bunny!

And here on Amazon!

Happy Medium is my novel, and it's about fake medium Max and Andrew, who is out to debunk him.

Here it is on Evil Plot Bunny!

And here on Amazon!

Kiernan's story is Wishful Thinking, and Bull and Dandy are pickpockets who are trying to pretend to be gentlemen.

It's here on EPB!

And here on Amazon!

Sean Michael is proud to re-release a couple of classics, Need and Chosen. Both books feature vampire Bast and street hustler Trick, and whoo. Hot.

Evil Plot Bunny Need / Evil Plot Bunny Chosen

And Need on Amazon, and Chosen on Amz

Hope y'all are having a fab week! Next week, Valentine's favorites with all of us!



Sean’s website is http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com

Julia’s is http://www.juliatalbot.com BA’s is http://www.batortuga.com

Kiernan's is www.KiernanKelly.com


Sean -- https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites

Julia -- https://www.facebook.com/juliatalbotauthor

BA -- https://www.facebook.com/batortuga

Kiernan -- https://www.facebook.com/kiernan.kelly


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