Monday, February 13, 2017

Do You Want to Play a (Valentine's) Game? By Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought it'd be fun to play a game so I'm doing a couple on Facebook. Come join me!

Game 1: This one is on my regular Facebook Profile. Click here and leave a comment for the following post.

Game time! This one is In the spirit of Valentine's Day. Comment below with a romantic quote (preferably a short one) from one of my books. On 02/14/17, I'll pick one commenter to win their choice of one of my ebooks or audio books. 

Game 2: This one is in my Facebook reader group. If you're not already a 'Rella, you can click here and join the group and then play along.

Thank you, SMM, for the fun Valentine's idea: "I think it would be fun if you started say 2 new characters, then everyone write a paragraph. Each person would read what was written before and continue the story. It could end up outrageously funny! I could use a great laugh this year!" I love how interactive this is and I think it's perfect for our small 'Rella group. I'll make a post on 02/13/17 introducing the characters and then we can all reply to the post and continue the story.

I hope you'll come play one or both games.


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