Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kicking Back by S.C. Wynne

By the time this post goes live I should be returning from a six day vacation. I'm hoping I can just let go and be in the moment.

I've always had trouble relaxing. I think it stems from my dad and how he couldn't, and still can't, seem to just be. He always woke me and my sisters up each Saturday with "Wake up! There are places to go and people to see!" And the irony is we really didn't go many places or see many people even. lol
But the point of this post isn't to pick on my dad. I'll save that for another post.... I KID!

Do you have trouble letting go of the things that worry you? I do. I tend to fixate and try to solve each problem ahead of time. It's a stupid way to handle things to be honest. But my husband is very laid back. I think that makes me feel like I have to be the one to solve things or they might catch us off guard. Gotta keep my guard up just in case.

I want to be one of those people who is able to live in the moment. Because you really do need to do that. You need to take joy in every little pleasure while you have the chance.

So hopefully, as you read this, I'm crawling home, tired and happy after a fantastic week of sleeping late, and drinking and eating way too much. But most importantly, a week of letting go and just being!


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