Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Favorite Drinks with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

1- favorite starbucks drink
2- favorite alcoholic drink
3- favorite non-alcoholic drink
4-favorite childhood drink
5-favorite guilty pleasure drink

1. almond milk latte
2. today? bloody mary
4. goat milk
5. what's guilt? 😉

1. Caramel frappucino- I allow myself one a month
2. vodka and tonic
3. iced tea or sprite
4. chocolate milk
5. Kahlua and cream (makes my gall bladder galled)

1- Hot double shot dirty chai tea. Yum, and enough caffeine to animate the dead.
2- Melon coladas, frozen. Basically, they're just pina coladas minus the rum, with the addition of Midori melon, but they're a pretty green, and totally yummy.
3- COFFEE. Coffeecoffeecoffeeshutupcoffee.
4- That's tough. It's a tie between chocolate milk and that fake grape drink we used to get in little paper cartons at school.
5- Coffee with a shot of Baileys and Kahlúa, topped with no sugar whipped cream. *drools*

1. Passion Iced Teal Lemonade with an extra pump
2. frozen lime margarita - especially the ones served at the Lone Star
3. Coca-cola - but I haven't had one in over three years
4. milk
5. Tang - heavy on the powder, with cold cold water and lots of ice.

If you have any questions you'd like us to answer, or a theme for us to riff off of, please let us know!


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