Saturday, March 4, 2017

Should you keep your mouth shut? By S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

Sometimes I see people ranting on Facebook and Twitter and I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish. It seems so counter productive, especially if you're an author and you need people to think you're professional and pleasant.

When I see these types, I often would love to say something. Maybe just whisper words of warning to them to remember writing is a business. But then it would probably turn into a flame war and I would be guilty of exactly what I told them to avoid. lol

What do you think? Do you think authors should rant on Facebook? I realize we're all human, but as a reader, does it change your opinion of an author when you get to know them too well? Do you prefer the mystery of not knowing much about those whose books you enjoy? Perhaps you like a little of both?



  1. Interesting post. Yes, my opinion about an author changes when I get to know them a little better and that's both good and bad. There's an author whose books I like, but I don't appreciate their online presence so I've more or less stopped reading their books. And then there's an author whose books I didn't like, but who's darned nice online so I thought I'd give them another try.

    I like when authors gets personal with their readers. But it's a fine line, I guess. Ranting can be really unattractive, but it also depends on the subject. I can accept and appreciate a rant regarding current affairs. Integrity and a great value system is important to me, but I know there are people who think artist should concentrate on art and nothing else.

    What is never okay to rant about is against other writers or - horror of horrors - readers.

    I'm a new writer, trying to establish an online presence. And I'm trying to define parameters, but I think I'm more of the "express opinions without ranting"-type. I rant in my head a lot, but not online. Not even in my personal, non-author life. But I DO express my opinion.

    Very interesting, thank you for writing this post.