Friday, April 21, 2017

Questions, Questions by Felice Stevens

I'm dusting off the questions and answering some that readers have asked me over the past few months.

1. Pizza or Tacos?
That's a cruel question. It's a toss up.

2. Red wine or white? 
Definitely red. White gives me a headache.

3. Has your family ever read your books? 
Well I know my husband and daughter haven't. My son, probably not, but he likes to check in on my Amazon page he's told me. So who knows. And I know my husband hasn't. He's still trying to figure me out. LOL.

4. Is your mind full of plot bunnies?
Not always. But one book can lead to another, as you know. In my next release, Once Call Away, Noah, the radio show psychologist has a bisexual brother, Jeremy whose boyfriend Blake has inexplicably left him. Why? Where is Blake and why won't he talk to Jeremy?  Perhaps we'll find out.

I am writing a book, with a tentative title I'm not going to reveal just yet, that is Rico and Adam's story. Rico was Gideon's partner from Learning to Love and Adam was the probie firefighter in Beyond the Surface. I never intended to give Adam his story but so many people asked for him, and putting him together with Rico was a no brainer. Be prepared for some major sexy times with those two because they may say they don't want a relationship but they can't keep their hands off each other.

But after One Call Away, my next release is The Shape of You, the story of quiet, overweight Eric and the troubled too-thin artist, Corey. That was a story that just popped up into my head and pushed everything else out of the way until it was written. So I guess the answer is, one never knows where the stories will come from, but they are there waiting to pounce.

Well, that's all I have for this week. Next week's column is release day so I'll have a special excerpt just for you guys!.

Happy Reading and have a great week!

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