Saturday, April 22, 2017

Re-Release! Hard-Ass Is Here by S.C. Wynne

Hello, all!

I have a new re-release that just came out. It was my very first MM romance that was published. Loose
Id was the wonderful publisher that took a chance on me and I'll never forget how exciting that first acceptance was.

It's about two men who work at a financial firm where someone is stealing money.

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“So you’ve been spying on us?”

“Yes.” His gaze was inscrutable. “Mostly on you.”

Harry made a choking sound, but I sat still and held Phillip’s gaze.

He was most likely feeling me out. Trying to see if what he was saying made me nervous. What he said didn’t. The way he was watching me and expecting me to be bothered did.

“A big chunk of money is missing. You’d be stupid not to watch me too.” I tried to sound casual. I mean, I wasn’t the thief. I had nothing to be concerned about. Still, I felt like a bug in a petri dish under his intent gaze.

“You’re taking the news quite well.”

“I already assumed we’re all being scrutinized. It’s not a secret that money is missing. I suggested it might be an inside job to my last boss over a month ago,” I answered, as sweat prickled under my collar. I hoped he really wanted to catch the actual thief and wouldn’t just want to use me as a scapegoat so he could wrap things up.

“Yes, you did. It was in his notes.” Watchful silence followed his answer.


“You just don’t seem that concerned,” he said. “Money’s disappearing and you seem oddly calm.”

Ha! Calm? I feel like I’m about to have a stroke, boss.

“I’m concerned, of course. Like everyone in the company.” I attempted to stifle my resentment at his accusatory tone. “And for the record I’ve been busting my ass to catch this guy. Guy. Gal. Whoever.”

“Maybe you don’t really want them caught.”

Jesus, he really could be a dick. “Theft retention hasn’t found the leak either.”

“I’m well aware.”

“So why are you busting my balls so hard?”

“It’s connected to the New York account, and I believe that’s your baby?”

He was right. That account was my responsibility. I’d gone over the numbers from the New York account so many times I almost had them memorized. Hell, he’d given me the pleasure of going over them again. But I couldn’t figure out where the money was going, or who was making it disappear.
I sat back on my bar stool. I didn’t say anything right away. I just stared at him, and he stared back. His silence and my inebriated state weren’t a great mix.

“You have nothing to say in your defense? No excuses you think I might buy?” He sounded smug.

Angry heat warmed my face. “No disrespect, but I thought you were trying not to sound like a dick?”

Obvious surprise slid through Phillip’s gaze like a water moccasin, but he hid it quickly.

“Now, Taylor… that’s no way to talk to your new boss.”

I jumped when Harry spoke. I’d forgotten he was still there. He watched me as if I were a car bomb about to explode.

“Appreciate the backup, Harry. But I think I’ve got this.” Phillip’s voice was smooth as cream.

I knew I should apologize for basically calling him a dick, but I couldn’t quite make myself do it. I’d been stressed out about the New York account for months, and he was going to waltz in here, bury me in busywork, and accuse me of being the thief? As far as my drunk ass was concerned, he owed me an apology.

“Why don’t we rewind?” Phillip asked. “Try looking at it from my point of view for just one minute.”

“I don’t happen to have an ivory tower at my disposal.”

His mouth hardened. “A lot of money is missing, Taylor. I’m not just picking on you because you’re a lower pay grade. This is serious.”

“Yeah. I know,” I snapped. “If you think I don’t take this seriously, you’re dead wrong.”

“I’d like to think I am.” He leaned forward, and his leg brushed mine. If he hadn’t been staring at me like I stole the Mona Lisa, I might have acknowledged the jolt of electricity his touch sent through me.

“Trust me, this shit weighs on me day and night,” I muttered.

“You seem like a nice enough fellow.” He touched the rim of his glass.


“But my problem is… it always leads back to you and that damn New York account.”

“So I guess I should just confess, guilty or not, because that would be more convenient for you?”

“That would be easier,” he said.

Smashed as I was, it occurred to me that this was an odd setting to be having this conversation in. If I were the thief, confronting me in a bar would not only be an HR nightmare, but it could be dangerous. He should have pulled me into his office. So he wasn’t sure the thief was me. Maybe he was trying to get a sense of who I was by pushing my buttons when I’d had a few? It seemed risky business to me, but then, I wasn’t a hard-ass like him.

“You know, if I was stealing from the company, this little get-together would be a very bad idea.” I tossed back the rest of my drink.

He laughed, and the sight was a beautiful thing. His entire face lit up, and his greenish-brown eyes sparkled. Even his laugh was amazing, infectious, and husky. Why did he have to be so fucking gorgeous?

“Are they going to find me stuffed in your car trunk?” The idea seemed to amuse him greatly.

Harry’s voice broke in. “Taylor’s not violent. Not… not usually. Just that one time.”

Are you fucking kidding me, Harry? You’re gonna say that in front of my new boss?

My face warmed. “Thanks a lot, Harry.” I gave Harry a look that could have killed, and he jumped up. I’m sure the veins in my neck were bulging from the strain of not lunging across the bar and strangling Harry.

Release date is April 14th!


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