Saturday, April 29, 2017

Self-Promotion When You're Shy by S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

Everybody says promotion is the hardest part of being an author. I have to admit it really is for me too. I'm basically a shy person. If I know you, and like you, I'm completely different. But until I know you 'get' me, I'm very guarded. I will happily respond to you, and I laugh easily. But when it comes to volunteering information about myself, I'm awful. Once I'm comfortable with you though, I'm probably too relaxed! lol

It seems that in this day and age authors can't just sit back and not interact with readers. I love connecting with readers, I'm just not great at reaching out to them. But to be honest, I've always been like that with friendship, love etc. I'm the worst person in the world when it comes to phone calls. Don't ever expect me to call you. I will need much hounding and nagging to make that happen. And it isn't because I don't care or don't like you. It's because I always assume people have no real need to hear from me.

But these days that fear of reaching out won't fly. So I push myself to host Facebook takeovers and try to do interviews. I send my newsletter out even when I feel like I'm bothering people and I generally try and act like a grownup. :)

I think I'm getting better at faking it. Pretty soon I don't think it will be so hard to reach out. And when I do, hopefully you'll take my hand.


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