Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weirdness In the World by S.C. Wynne

Hi, all!

My last post here was about the new MM Romantic Mystery series I'm starting. The first book deals
with a reality TV show, so maybe that's why I noticed this recent news report about a Reality TV show. Some contestants were hired to live in a remote place in Scotland for a year. But after four episodes, the network canceled the show and didn't bother to mention that fact to the people living in the wild.

These poor people didn't even know Brexit had happened or that Trump was now president in the U.S. They came back to civilization after a year to find out they'd lived under those rough conditions for a show that no longer existed. lol

Thankfully there's been such an uproar the network said it would air the remaining episodes sometime this year. But it makes me wonder if the only reason they agreed to do that was because the news got out. Or maybe I'm just jaded. I can't even imagine going thorough what those people must have gone through only to find out you were doing it for no reason.

What would you do if that happened to you? I know I'd be furious and I'd want compensation for giving up and entire year of my life! I'm curious to see what happens next with this.


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