Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Writing Favorites from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we answer some age old writing meta!

Series or standalones?

Long novels or short stories?

What's the best review you ever got?

Music, TV or no noise?


BA says: 1. Series. 2. my sweet spot is 55K. 3. This book reads like a Garth Brooks song EEEEEEE! 4. Music. Playlists are my life. 5. HEA all the way. I don't write HFN.

Kiernan says: Standalone, usually, but there are series I adore. Jean Auel's Earth's Children series is one of them. Short stories are my secret vice. Okay, maybe not so secret. I like to read short and write short. One for Changing Jamie from a woman who ran an AIDS organization in Africa, who thanked me for writing the book. Silence! I can't hear the voices in my head unless it's quiet. Either way. Sometimes an hfn just works better. Sometimes the story calls for it.

Sean says: 1. Both? I love doing series, but some characters just want their story and to be done. 2. If you’d asked me 10 years ago I would have said short stories. Now if it’s not a novel, I’d better start with guys who are already together and they need to be watched very carefully. 3. It wasn’t an official review, but I got an email letting me know that my books got the reader through the roughest year of their life. That meant the world to me. 4. I can do all three depending on my mood. 5. My happy place is HEA.

Julia says: Series are so much damn fun! Short stories, though 20-30K novellas are my lifeblood. I had a lady tell me she didn't approve of gay marriage until she read a short I put out, and then she clicked.

Music or TV. I need stimuli.

HEA though more than once I have been accused of HFN and gone, huh?


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  1. Loved this Q&A. And 20-30K novellas are my favorite too :)