Friday, May 26, 2017

Check Point by Felice Stevens

Somehow we seem to have found ourselves at Memorial Day Weekend once again. Which means the year is almost half way done.
I look back at what I've hoped to accomplish in my writing and I'm satisfied. then I look at what I have on my list of "Things Felice would love to write one day if she were cloned."
YIKES again.

But on to what IS in the works for now. 

I have a book coming out soon-no exact date, called The Shape of You and I can't wait for you to meet these two men who seem completely opposite of each other yet some way, some how they figure out that maybe they are what the other has been looking for.

I was writing the story of Adam Barton the red-headed firefighter from Beyond the Surface and Rico Estevez, Gideon's strong but silent partner in Learning to Love which is more than halfway done, when Bamm! here comes an idea to write a new novella for the Landmarks series Kade Boehme and I will be writing. (More on that in a future post and podcast.)
The story is called Under the Boardwalk and takes place on and around the world famous Coney Island Boardwalk, right by Luna Park, Nathan's, all the concession stands and of course, the beach. the main characters are Alexi Kharpov and Cameron DiStefano. (More on them as their story develops.)

And of course there is the launch of the Kindle World which is less than a month away1 *Cue panic music. 
There are SO MANY wonderful stories coming taking place in Marcus's nightclub, Sparks, Uncommon Grounds coffee shop and many other scenes from the Memories series and The Breakfast Club series. Some of the participating authors are: S.c. Wynne, Lane Hayes, Kelly Jensen and Silvia Violet, but I know you'll want to read all the books by all the authors because they are so good!

So that about wraps up my Summer. Kinda busy but I love it. 
Now onto the Fall writing schedule....
Have a great holiday weekend! I'm off to Florida. 
Happy Reading!!

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