Tuesday, May 9, 2017

RT 2017 Photos BA, Julia, Kiernan, and Sean

BA at RT Survivor 

My great niece, Eek (Julia)

My great nephew Boo (Julia)

BA and KP Kelly

BA and Kiernan Kelly 

BA and TC Blue

All four of us dorks

Kiernan demonstrating her fall

Julia at the hotel

Kiernan in hat

Toys from Tis

Sean, BA and Julia's tongue

BA and Julia

Light up rainbow slippers

BA and Janet, a best friend of romance

BA at the signing

BA and Lynn from Dreamspinner


Julia at Signing

Julia and Amy

BA and Joy

BA with Julia, KC Burn, Mary Calmes and Joyfully Jay 

Damon Suede losing his mind at Cinema Craptastique

Sean at the signing

Kiernan at the signing

Julia’s is http://www.juliatalbot.com<p>
BA’s is http://www.batortuga.com<p>
Kiernan's is www.KiernanKelly.com<p>

Sean -- https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites<p>
Julia -- https://www.facebook.com/juliatalbotauthor<p>
BA -- https://www.facebook.com/batortuga<p>
Kiernan -- https://www.facebook.com/kiernan.kelly