Saturday, July 22, 2017

Author Behavior by S.C. Wynne

I read a post recently asking about what sort of things turns you off about author behavior. It was
interesting but not surprising to see certain gripes.

Readers hated seeing authors bitch about other authors. You would think authors would know better than to do this in public, but I see it all the time. It seems like that time would be better spent promoting their own works, which wasn't something that bothered readers, or spreading some positivity in the world. And it's even more mystifying why anyone would do this publicly, considering you can bitch to your friends privately all you want all day long on private channels. (I certainly do this)

Readers also hated when authors bitched about low sales or posted too much depressing stuff like dying pets and family members. It's a fine line between sharing monumental events in your life, and talking about nothing but negative stuff.

As authors we need to be real people, that's kind of the point of social media, but we need  to always be aware that we are selling ourselves as well as our books. This is why bitching about low sales is so odd. Why would we want to come off like we can't sell our books? That makes no sense to me. You don't see big name restaurants complaining no one will buy their burgers? If I did see that, it would make me think there must be something wrong with their burgers and I would avoid that restaurant. It seems like a pretty horrible way to gain new readers.

What I took away from that survey was readers gravitate to positive people. They're drawn to authors who are confident and passionate about what they do. In other words, they're attracted to professionals, and I will strive to always be that.


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