Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do all people who like summer have pools? By S.C. Wynne

I have a theory.

You see, I hate summer. With a passion. Granted I live where it's very hellishly hot during the summer, so that might be one reason. But I literally detest when June rolls around.

I really love rain. I think that's genetic because I'm Scottish and Irish and Italian and French.
But back to my hatred of summer. I've noticed a trend; people who say they love summer almost always have a pool! I do not have a pool, hence my dislike of summer.

Do you have a pool? Do you love summer? Maybe I'm wrong. Feel free to comment and put me in my place. :) I'll just be over here loathing summer.



  1. Yes I love summer and yes I have a pool :-)

  2. I hate the heat of Summer. And I so wish I had a pool, or a lake, or something! because I love swimming and I'd be in it almost 24/7 with this damn heat. Luckily I live in Western North Carolina up on a mountain and the nights cool down nicely. Plus, the heat doesn't last long. We had a couple of nights in June where the temp went down to the low 50s. Can't wait for Fall!

    1. I absolutely LOVE fall! Even though we don't get the beautiful leaves you get, we get some and i love the chill in the air. :)