Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Top Ten TV shows with Sean, BA, Julia and Kiernan

Sean Michael

Oh man, another top ten favorite list - as always, it's hard for me to narrow things down. But I will do my bests. These are in no particular order

Criminal Minds - barring the last season for sure, but it used to be one of my total favorites

Killjoys - I love the humor that goes with the action, and I love the way the three mains care for each other. 4 if you count Lucy.

Wynonna Earp - again wonderful humor with the action

The Night Shift - I love the whole ensemble of this medical drama

The Great British Baking Show - love this one so very much, especially how much the contestants support each other

The Big Bang Theory - funny, geeks as heroes, what's not to love.

Masterchef Australia - After seeing the Australian one, I can hardly watch the US one - the mentors are so mean on the US one

Lucifer - again, humor along with the action. And I adore Lucifer, and all the supporting cast. If I had to pick one favorite only, it would be this one.

Lethal Weapon - more humor mixed with your regular cop show and a man who is haunted by his wife's death - this one is so much better than I was expecting when I found out they were making a series based off the movies.

Castle - it's over now, but I loved it - especially the first few seasons. Once again there is humor, along with cleverness and Rick's utter joy at the improbable - the more improbable the more he liked it.

There we go - ten shows I really like!

BA and Julia

We're married, so we watch together. The agreement in our house is we both have to give enough shits to watch the show, and to keep watching it.

Basically this boils us down to a few tried and true shows that keep on keeping on.

Project Runway

Top Chef

Face Off

First 48

So You Think You Can Dance

CSI - I know, but we still watch


Great British Baking Show until everyone leaves and then no


X Files

Honorable mentions: Julia- Spartacus, Dr Who BA- Criminal Minds, Ghost Asylum, Haunted Collector


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