Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ask Andrew - My Story

Dear Andrew

Do you ever use Dominic's personality or your love story in any of your books?  By the way, I'm sure your fans would like to know your love story.  I know I would.  You two are so sweet.  I can feel the love coming through the computer.

I love your books; I have a lot.

Dear Frances

I have used bits and pieces of how Dominic and I met in some of my stories.  He and I were fixed up at a dinner party by some friends.  The entire purpose was to try to get us together because they thought we'd make a good couple.  The funny thing is that it worked.  We were their only success and they tried setting up everyone for years.  (They were like our old biddy uncles)

After the infamous party, we started seeing each other and talking on the phone.  I think we knew things were on the right track when we talked for two hours about next to northing.  The relationship between Dominic and I grew over time. There was no grand dramatic story that pulled us together,  We are just two people who met each other.   But he was there for me during a downsizing job scare and I was there when his mother passed away.  

Dominic and I built a life together, we love and fight sometimes.  We look after each other and he'd the first person I want to see in the morning and the last person I see at night.  That makes me happy and keeps my heart alive and kicking.  

Hugs and loads of love

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

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  1. You talk a lot about going on cruises in your books? How many have you been on and what was yours and Dominic's favorite?