Saturday, August 5, 2017

Does Quantity Matter More Than Quality These Days? By S.C. Wynne

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If you're one of the hundreds or thousands of people who've taken any of the writing seminars out there, they all pretty much stress the same thing: WRITE FAST!

It seems as if authors are taking the advice to heart, because many of us publish books at a rate we would have found insane simply a few years ago. Writing so quickly brings up many issues that can ultimately hurt the authors. It's easier to burn out when you have to pump books out every month. And how can quality not suffer? Everyone talks about writing faster, but no one ever talks about writing quality!

I see some authors, who shall remain nameless, who have three or more pen names and each pen name produces TWO BOOKS A MONTH! I suspect these author must use ghost writers, because frankly, even if you could write that fast, there simply aren't enough hours in the day. Even if you write crap, it would be impossible to pump out a minimum of six 100,000 word books in one month.

I still believe that quality is more important than quantity if you want to actually build a life long career as an author. Yes, some people are scamming the system and getting to the top of the gay lists by pumping out mediocre books. But there is always this sense of desperation and dissatisfaction in all of their posts. This tells me they aren't happy or really making the money they hoped they would.
And I think the readers begin to catch on that these books are simply thrown out with no real care taken, because when some of these authors brag about their numbers by posting screen shots of their Book Report sales, the data shows a sharp decline in their sales for all the following books. Our sales should always be growing, not dwindling with each new book. You can't build a long term career on declining sales.

So, while I may need to write faster than when I first started, I will always focus on quality. Even if I dabble in very different sub-genres, I strive for quality. When I look back over my back list, it's important to me that I know I put out the best work for my readers that I could manage at the time.


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