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Are Readers Tired of Free Books? By S.C. Wynne

Good morning!   

Authors talk a lot about burnout, and it's a real thing. Trying to come up with interesting, unique story ideas takes it's toll. (Actually, the ideas are the easy part. The writing side is hard.) Authors are having to pump out books at a break neck speed. I see some authors putting out two to three books a month. I'm not sure if they're magical, or using ghost writers, but that's a schedule few authors can keep up.

Being creative takes energy both physically and mentally. You can't refresh your imagination if you're writing non-stop. You have to have down time to refill the creative tank. Unfortunately, the current climate of publishing doesn't allow for down time.

Realizing how burned out I can feel at times, it got me examining the idea of reader burnout as well. There are SO many authors offering free books all the time, they don't seem to be valued much anymore. Many ARC team statistics are a joke. You can give out a hundred ARCs and sometimes you're lucky if you get fifty reviews from that. I don't quite understand the psyche of a person who agrees to download your book for free, and leave an honest review, but then they just download the book and don't bother doing a review. It's almost like they feel entitled to a free book just because. I'm not sure why? It is a truly interesting, and frustrating, phenomena.

**I should note my ARC team is actually pretty good about following through. Some of them are absolute super stars!**

There's also the problem of some reviews being so hastily written, they get half the details of the book wrong. I'm sure it's because many readers are on lots of different ARC teams, and they are having to read at a crazy pace just to keep up. I actually feel bad for them. It must take some of the joy out of reading if you're always rushing through books.

I blame Amazon for most of this because they've made it so that reviews factor into the algorithms that get you seen on Amazon. We authors wouldn't even care about reviews if Amazon didn't force us to care. They have actually created the fake review problem so much of Amazon suffers from. If they took the reviews out of the algorithm, authors would stop needing ARC teams, and there would be less fake reviews.

Maybe ARC teams will become a thing of the past because readers just don't feel inspired to read and review when the only payoff is a free book. I find that kind of sad. Writing is hard work, and most authors I know put their heart and soul into their books. To have them potentially devalued is depressing.

What do you think? Do you still get excited when you get a free book? Or is that no big deal to you these days?


Thursday, August 23, 2018

This is the New Stuff

Happy Thursday afternoon!  We've been busy revamping studios and equipment, and even bringing new narrators to the team for more audiobook options.  This week, here are some of the new books we've been working on lately.  Enjoy! 

"Terms of Service," by Marie Sexton, narrated by John Solo. Dr. River McKay moved to Denver with his husband, hoping to give their failing marriage a new start. A year later, River’s left brokenhearted. Now, he’s decided it’s time to get back in the game. A chance encounter at the hospital introduces him to Phil, a pharmacist who isn’t impressed by River’s degree.  
Phil can’t deny his attraction to River, but Phil only does one kind of relationship - domestic servitude, where he gives the orders and his partner obeys. To his surprise, River agrees - not because he likes the idea, but because anything’s better than being alone.  
They know the arrangement won’t last. Phil’s set in his ways and incapable of showing affection outside the bedroom. River’s unused to obedience and still in love with his ex. But their time together will change them, making them question everything they thought they knew about love, control, and relationships. 
When the unexpected threatens to tear them apart, they’ll have to choose between the comforts of the past and a future they can only find together.

"Sun and Shadow," by Dirk Greyson, narrated by Andrew McFerrin.
Dayton “Day” Ingram is recovering from an injury, and from his failed relationship with fellow Scorpion agent Knight. While researching an old government document, Day realizes he might be holding the key to finding an artistic masterpiece lost since WWII. 
But the Russians are looking for it, too, and they have a team in place in Eastern Europe hunting it down. Day and Knight are brought back together when they are charged with getting to the painting first. 

Their assignment leads them through Germany and Austria with agents hot on their tail - agents willing to do whatever it takes to get to the masterpiece first. If Day and Knight can live long enough to find the painting, they might also discover something even more precious - each other. 

"Alpha Ablaze, by Piper Scott and Susi Hawke, narrated by Colin Darcy. 
After thousands of years, they're back.
Paranoid inventor and draconian expert Sam isn't anything special...and that's all he wants anyone who may be watching to think about him. Sam is a conspiracy theorist who lives on the fringes and studying the ancient draconian culture he knows isn't a fairy tale. 
Blaze is a dragon alpha guardian assigned to protect the Crown Prince of Novis. When he and his men at arms are sent into stasis after a battle for their lives, the last thing he expects after being awakened is to find himself thousands and thousands of years in the future. The sound of his true mate's heartsong coming from the adorably awkward omega who freed him from stasis gives the alpha all the reason he needs to quickly acclimate to the changes the fates have thrown his way. Settle in and let our dragons sweep you off your feet...and into a world filled with adventure!
Alpha Ablaze is the second audiobook in the Waking the Dragons series and features literally rock-hard hunks, a group of dragon hunters who shouldn't be discounted, something called a "Corny", and an HEA just as legendary as the dragons in it. 

"His Leading Man," by Ashlyn Kane, narrated by Kenneth Obi
Drew Beaumont is bored of the same old roles: action hero, supervillain, romantic lead. He’s not going to let a fresh gay buddy comedy languish just because they can’t find him the right costar. No, Drew bats his eyelashes and convinces everyone that the movie’s writer should play Drew’s not-so-straight man. 

Aspiring writer Steve Sopol has never had a screenplay optioned. Now, one of Hollywood’s hottest properties wants to be in a movie Steve hasn’t finished writing - and he wants Steve as his costar. Turns out the chemistry between them is undeniable - on and offscreen. Drew swore off dating in the biz, but Steve is the whole package: sharp, funny, humble, and cute. For Steve, though, giving in to the movie magic means the end of the privacy he cherishes. 

"Mating the Omega," by Ann Katrin-Byrde, narrated by Nick J Russo. Omega wolf Jason and his family have been on the run for six years, to keep Jason from being forcefully mated to his pack's cruel Alpha. When a brutal attack leaves his father desperately injured, Jason comes to the conclusion that it's time to call it quits. Terrified as he is to deliver himself into an Alpha's power, he makes a deal to mate with the Alpha of the richest pack in the country, and discovers that he'd rather mate the Alpha's handsome Head of Security. When Mac captures the feral shifter that climbed the walls surrounding the Mercy Hills Pack enclave, he feels for the young shifter's fear, though he knows his Alpha isn't the sort of shifter Jason believes he is. He'd be happy to see the two mated, except that, as time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to deny his own feelings for the young, damaged Omega. A sudden turn of events sees Mac and Jason mated and expecting, but Jason's old pack isn't done with them yet.

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Writing. Sometimes the Struggle is real By S.C. Wynne

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Good morning, all!

I think sometimes people have fantasies about certain jobs. I owned a coffee house for ten years, and people would come in all the time and talk about how relaxing it would be to own a coffee house. The good part about that was obviously we were providing a very relaxing, serene atmosphere for our customers. So much so that they apparently thought running the business was easy. Not so much.

Any business is hard. I don't care if you sell hair ties, I'm sure there are supply issues and all sorts of things that make the day to day business a challenge. Writing is the same. I know often people think that writing is relaxing. The coming up with ideas part is easy, but every step that follows after is hard. Really hard. Trying to be creative when you simply don't feel creative is torture. Maybe not as torturous as cleaning septic tanks, but it's still hard work.

Most jobs, people take something already made and they work with that. They either improve on it or promote it and sell it. Writing is weird in that there is no product if authors don't create it. If I have a bad day, nothing ends up on the page. That equals no sales, which equals no food on the table. And being interrupted when you're trying to be creative is awful. It's not like if you're adding numbers and someone interrupts you and you can just go back to the spot where you stopped. When you're writing, you have to lose yourself in your world. The world you're creating. Every word and second of that story has to come from the authors brain. When something interrupts that flow, it can take hours to get back into the scene. Sometimes you can't get back there because that magical moment has passed. It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it.

Now, I say all of this simply to let you see into the world of writing. But that doesn't mean I don't still love writing for a living. I do. I absolutely wouldn't want to do anything else. I know there are tons of people using ghostwriters and click farms in my genre, but I'd never go there. I love writing way too much. Creating the stories is the best part. I'd feel like a complete fraud if I used click farms and ghost writers. Obviously, to each their own, but that is how it would impact me. I'm a creative person, and I choose to actually create my own stories.

But as I said, difficult or not, I can't imagine doing anything else other than writing the stories I love, and want to share with my readers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's New Release Day from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

It's that time again - new release day when we share our latest releases with you.

Rainbow Rodeo
BA Tortuga

As a teenager, Dalton Jakoby made Tank an offer—one Tank turned down gently. It was still embarrassing as hell, so when Tank returns to the Jakoby Rodeo Company after a big-time bull riding tour, Dalton decides polite but distant is the best course of action.

Tank is hurting from some tough injuries and ready for a lighter workload. He’s also ready to admit Dalton is an adult now, one he wants to get to know much better. While Dalton’s past makes him suspicious of Tank’s attention, he can’t stay standoffish for long… not with Tank.

The new romance burns hot, but problems inside and outside the arena threaten what Tank and Dalton might have together.

Get your copy at Dreamspinner Press or Amazon.

Tomb of the God King
Julia Talbot

Englishman Christian Hewler travels to 1920s Egypt as the man Friday to an eccentric American millionaire, hoping to make history and establish his name in archaeology. What he doesn’t count on is meeting brash hired gun Eric Lawless, an American cowboy working for a rival team, or the paranormal mystery that draws them in and has them facing down crazy archaeologists, dark entities, and even ancient gods.

From dark tombs to the burning-hot desert of the Egyptian landscape, Christian has to prove his mettle. During this dangerous game of cat and mouse, the reluctant partnership between Christian and Eric blossoms into more—maybe even a love that can last beyond the deception and terror hidden deep in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings.

Available at Dreamspinner Press and Amazon.

Mammoth! (Repeating History #3)
Dakota Chase

In what might be their most dangerous adventure so far, Grant and Ash are sent back in time ten thousand years to recover a mammoth talisman for their teacher, Merlin. Life is a struggle in the Stone Age, and if they want to eat, they’ll have to learn to use spears, track animals, and build fires without the benefit of matches.

Most importantly, they must recover the artifact so they can get back to their own time, but it won’t be easy. They’ll need to reunite two warring tribes, help a boy around their age prove his worth, and demonstrate their own courage on a deadly mammoth hunt. In this harsh and unforgiving world, hate and suspicion are as prevalent as they are in modern times, but understanding and acceptance can also be found if they know where to look.

Available at Harmony Ink and Amazon.

The Gentle Dom
Sean Michael

When one of their own is threatened, the men of the Iron Eagle Gym will stand together and prove they are stronger as a family.

Stuntman Barclay Drambor suspects his fall from a roof was no accident. He believes his abusive ex was responsible, but he can’t prove it. Fortunately, a year has gone by with no word from Duncan, letting Barclay move on with his life—and that means dealing with the aftermath of his injuries. He finds personal trainer Reece “Rec” Gordon through a member of the gym, and it’s not long before their workouts together become much more intimate. Rec is gentle and goes out of his way to make Barclay comfortable, and in no time there’s talk of moving in together….

But just as Barclay is healing and finding a place to belong, Duncan returns to destroy his happiness. Though Duncan will learn he’s messing with the wrong group of men, in the end, Barclay must face him. Will Rec’s love and the friendship of the others at the gym give him the confidence to stand up for himself?

Pick it up at Dreamspinner Press or Amazon.

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New Release Coming Soon By S.C. Wynne

Hello little readers!

I hope this weekend finds you well. I have a new release coming soon. It's a story with a marriage of convenience and a little mystery suspense thrown in. It's called Married To Murder.

I'll give you the blurb and a short excerpt and then the pre-order link in case you're interested. The price will go up the day after the book goes live, so if you want to save money you should get it on pre-order. :)


The last thing Seth ever expected was to be involved in a marriage of convenience. After all, he’s not some trembling Victorian heroine. He’s just a guy who loves to surf and spend his days in search of simple pleasures. Life hasn’t always been easy for Seth, but he prefers to focus on the future and forget his dark past. But when he spends the night with sexy millionaire Tanner Trenton, their connection is powerful. When the sexy bachelor explains a secret dilemma he has, Seth can’t help but feel empathy.When Tanner picked Seth up for the night, he didn’t intend on proposing. But he’s oddly drawn to Seth’s quiet energy and, most importantly, he’s got a deadline to meet; if he doesn’t get married by the time he turns thirty, he’s out of his inheritance. Unfortunately, he’s already twenty-nine and still not ready to get hitched. Seth doesn’t want to be tied down any more than Tanner does, so he seems like the perfect person for the job. They can marry but still maintain their independence. Their marriage should be the perfect solution, and it should be smooth sailing, right?Unfortunately for the new couple, when Tanner’s father is murdered on the day of their wedding, things become exponentially complicated. It’s hard for Tanner to imagine that his quiet, serene new husband could possibly be connected to his dad’s death. But the more he gets to know Seth, the more he realizes he’s maybe not the innocent, fun loving guy he assumed he was.


He turned his head and met my gaze. “Are you really staying the night in town?”
I nodded, at first wondering why he wanted to know that. But then excitement nudged me at the look in his eyes. There was definitely some heat buried in his sky-blue eyes. “Why do you ask?”
He shrugged. “Just wondering.” He pulled his gaze away, and his jaw tensed.
I was no stranger to picking guys up. I wasn’t in a relationship, and I could sleep with who I wanted. But I got the feeling just crudely hitting on Seth would result in a rejection. I could feel he was attracted to me, but judging from the set of his jaw, he was fighting it. Was it because he didn’t sleep with customers? Or was it something else?
I cleared my throat, and with my pulse racing, I asked, “Would you have dinner with me tonight?”
He didn’t look surprised at my question, which I guess made sense—he probably got hit on all the time. He was gorgeous. “Tonight?”
I nodded. “Why not? I don’t know anybody else in town.” I lived about an hour and a half away in San Luis Obispo. I was staying in town because I’d had a business meeting earlier in Montecito and hadn’t felt like making the drive back home.
He didn’t answer immediately. He gave me another assessing look, and some tension left his body. “I guess dinner couldn’t hurt.” He smiled. “So long as you’re buying.”

“I’m definitely buying.”
“Sure. I’ll have dinner with you, Tanner. Wouldn’t want to think of you eating all alone.”
“Great.” I was surprised at how glad I was he’d accepted. My surfing lesson and sitting here on the beach with him made me feel like a kid again. I felt more carefree than I usually did, and the idea of spending more time with him pleased me greatly. “Where shall we go?”
“Did you want a fancy restaurant or something more casual?”
I liked expensive restaurants and being pampered, but I definitely got the feeling he’d be happier somewhere less formal. “Casual.”
He rubbed his hands together. “Awesome. I have a little place I’d love to take you to. The fish is so fresh it might still have a hook in its mouth.” He grinned.
I laughed. “Sounds perfect.” I glanced down at my wet suit. “I guess I’ll go back to the hotel and clean up. I can pick you up around… seven?”
“Okay.” He stood and held out his hand to me.
I grabbed it, my stomach clenching at the warmth of his palm. Once I was on my feet, he let go of my hand and we picked up our boards and slogged our way through the sand back toward his shop. I couldn’t help but watch him as he walked ahead of me. His wet suit hugged his broad shoulders and strong thighs, and it was impossible not to feel a nudge of arousal. I had no idea where this dinner would lead us, but I was excited at all the possibilities.
When we reached his shop, he unlocked the door and turned to take my board from me. “Go ahead and change while I put the boards away.”
I nodded and went into the shop, making my way to the dressing room. I peeled off the wet suit and the trunks and got back into my business suit. I had to smile at how strangely enjoyable the day had turned out. I’d been in such a horrible mood when I’d come into Seth’s shop. Now I was in a great mood and looking forward to the evening.
I left the dressing room and found Seth out front with his wet suit pulled down around his hips. His smooth chest and stomach made my gut tense with attraction, but I tried not to stare. “So if you want to give me your address, I’ll pick you up later.”
He laughed. “I live here. In the back of the shop.”
I raised my brows. “Oh.”
He studied me. “Does that change your mind about having dinner with me?” His expression was guarded.
“No.” I frowned. “Why would it?” While I hadn’t realized he lived in his shop, I’d had no illusion he was rich. He’d made enough jokes about paying his rent that I’d realized he didn’t have much money.
He shrugged. “Just making sure.”
“I still want to have dinner with you, Seth.” I held his gaze so he’d know I was sincere.
“Okay.” His easygoing smile returned. “See you at seven, then.”
I left his shop and walked back to my car, feeling intrigued by my future dinner companion. On the surface he was very happy-go-lucky, but there was a definite undercurrent of wariness I was curious about. I knew everyone had a past, and I was interested in his. I couldn’t seem to help myself. I decided that at dinner tonight I’d try and dig a little deeper and find out more about him. Hopefully he’d be willing to share more of himself with me because, for whatever reason, Seth had captured my attention in a way no man had in years. 

Hope you enjoyed that taste. Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 10, 2018

Inspirations by Felice Stevens

I rarely have inspirations from real life when I write a book. I get ideas that pop into my head and while I might take my feelings about a certain, real life person and portray them in a character, I've never had one person inspire a character for a book.

But then came Harlan in Cort—Unbreakable. You see, Harlan is based on a real-life character. I'll tell you a little about him.

As an attorney in my agency, I had different job functions in my over 30 year career. I was a tax litigator, I wrote position statements on real estate law. I litigated discrimination cases, was my agency's EEO officer and at one point was the Managing Administrative Law Judge (MALJ) of the Hearings by Mail Division of the Parking Violations Bureau.

While an MALJ of that division, there was another MALJ, a man who wielded a terrorizing hand over another group of ALJs. He was cruel, picked on people, used his position to berate and belittle people and overall was a rude and nasty person to almost everyone. He also ran a law practice on the side and had employees working for him, doing his private legal work, while they should have been working at their own job. When this was discovered, he was fired, as that was specifically against agency policy.

We often wondered what happened to this man, but figured he was so arrogant and had a law degree from a well-known university, he'd have no trouble finding another job and other people to terrorize. But we were wrong.

Approximately two years after he was fired, this man was spotted picking food out of a garbage can on the street not far from our old offices. When he was approached by a former colleague, he said after he was fired he began to drink and he lost his apartment. His partner left him and he ended up homeless and living on the streets.

That man was my inspiration for Harlan. I wanted to show that no matter how high up you can be in the world, it doesn't take much to kick you down and keep you there. It doesn't matter sometimes if you are highly educated or seemingly have everything in the world, you too can end up in terrible situations because of your own doings.

Cort—Unbreakable is now available at a release week price of $3.99 and is free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon link:

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Computer Woes By S.C. Wynne

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Hello, Peeps!

Sorry for the late day post. I've been having computer issues lately. My computer is five years old and suddenly it's become a massive diva. I've tried putting up with it as long as I could, but lately it wants to give me the blue screen of death every half hour. It's hard to be creative when I'm nervous about hitting save every few lines.

I ordered a computer online from Bestbuys and paid for one day shipping, but alas, at midnight last night they informed me of a shipping delay. I was not a happy girl. I may have ranted just a bit to my sleepy husband and anyone who'd listen. lol

But I've been assured the computer will arrive Monday. I really, really hope so. I'm sick of thinking about my computer all the time. It's very stressful. First world problem, I know!

Hopefully you've had a much better week? I certainly hope so. I will talk to you guys next week and hopefully it will be from my brand new gadget! :D


Friday, August 3, 2018

Sometimes you just need to chill by Felice Stevens

How did it get to be Friday again? And AUGUST??  I am so not ready for the fall. Fall means the start of school again and my son is now a college senior. It also means the Jewish holidays which are either always early or late. No one time is ever right.

But this weekend, I'm meeting with my Boozy Brunch crew for our Rocco's get together where we talk about books, and drink margaritas and try to figure out publishing and what the hell is Amazon doing NOW.

That's on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm going to hunker down with another author and my copy editor and we are going to do a mini writing retreat. I am only about two chapters away from finishing James's book in the Man Up series (!!!!) and have my collaboration with Christina Lee as well as some other projects to work on. I'm so excited to see my friends and work with them. We did this at the NJ conference back in March and had the BEST time.

Next week is the release of Cort—Unbreakable and the early reviews are that this is a redemption ARC like no one has ever read. You may remember that Harlan was a key character in One Call Away. He was arrogant, cruel, mean and a downright bully and yet I always wanted to redeem him. This is his story and Cort's. You can add it to your Goodreads shelf here —>

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Horses, Bulls and Cowboys... Oh My!!!!!

I love me some cowboys and I'm happy to announce that Don't Let Go will release August 7.  I'm so thrilled to be able to go back out west.  It always lifts my spirits and makes me happy.  And I have to give special props to my friend BA Tortuga.  She helped me so much on the rodeo parts of this story.  Its always so amazing to get to work with her.  She is so very special to me.

Don't Let Go is a bit of a romp with secrets, hidden identities, hot cowboys, and even a song.  Yes, I had to write a song.  Lord help us all.  I hope you love Don't Let Go as much as I loved escaping into the west for a month or so.

Avery Rivers is a country music sensation, selling records by the millions and playing to sold-out crowds. But behind that persona is Robert, a burned-out musician cracking under the pressure. He’s unable to write any new songs, and he wants out of the business—at least for a while. He changes his appearance and finds honest, hard work in Jackson, Wyoming. Maybe getting to be a regular guy for a while will get him past his block.
Hy Whitely was a championship bull rider until he watched his best friend thrown in the arena and decided the rodeo circuit was no longer the place for him. He wants to be plain old Zeke for a while, and when he returns to his family ranch, he bumps right into Robert—a one-night stand from his last rodeo appearance who is now working there as a ranch hand.
The heat between the men could sear the grass off the range, but each one is hiding a secret. Robert and Zeke, the men behind the public images, fall in love, but can they hold on when Avery and Hy are pulled back into the spotlight?

Purchase an advance copy:

"Yeah.” Robert saw some of his desire reflected in the other man’s eyes, and it sent his heart racing a little faster, the pit of his belly zinging and fluttering slightly. “I just got into town a few hours ago and needed something to eat.” He also wanted to drink and relax. Robert had no illusions that Cheyenne was going to have any rainbow-type nightlife, but it looked like some might have found him. That was, if he could still read the signs.
Robert got a refill and slipped off his barstool to wander toward the back of the bar, where a bunch of people were watching the dance floor. The cowboy came right along with him, which in Robert’s mind was a sure sign of interest. He leaned against the wall as couples line-danced their way across the floor.
“I love his music,” the cowboy said from next to him.
“Me too,” Robert said about his own song. He had loved it when he wrote it and recorded it, but now he’d heard it and sung it so many times…. He needed something new to get the creative juices flowing. “I’m Robert.” He held out his hand.
“Zeke,” the cowboy answered, shaking firmly, his touch lingering just a little longer than normal, which only upped the flutter of excitement. “I never got to see him when he was in Denver. Me and some friends talked about getting tickets, but they were sold out in minutes.” Zeke sipped his beer as the song came to an end, and Robert did the same, trying not to be too obvious about watching him. “I wonder if his voice really sounds like that or if it’s Auto-Tuned or something.”
Robert pulled a face as his temper threatened to rise. He had never used Auto-Tune or any of that synthesized shit in his music. That was cheating as far as he was concerned. What was heard on all his recordings was truly him and nothing else. “I suspect it’s real. It sounds it.”
Zeke nodded. “True. How can anyone conjure up those soulful rich undertones that get you just right?”
Robert shrugged. He certainly didn’t want to get too deep into a discussion of himself. It seemed wrong and was way too close to home.
Half the place was dancing, and a pretty girl in boots and a Western denim skirt came up to him, all smiles and huge eyes. “Do you dance?” she asked Robert, fluttering her eyes at him.
Robert smiled and nodded. Then he held the lady’s hand and led her onto the floor. It took him two seconds before he was into the moves, and he danced to her delight, adding a little extra spring to his step.
Author Information
Andrew Grey
Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.
Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Author Links
Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey
Twitter @andrewgreybooks

For Other Works by Andrew Grey
(Please Be Sure To Stop by His Website to See All of His Works)