Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ask Andrew - Stress

Dear Andrew

What do you do to destress when you're on a deadline?


Dear Dawn

When I'm on a deadline, which is almost always, I set daily goals for myself and then break the down into manageable pieces to work on during the day.  When I achieve each writing step, I allow myself some time to relax.  Often I get to read for half an hour or I work in the yard.

But quite often, yeah I know I'm showing my nerdy side, I play Pokémon Go.  I find it fun and it gets
me out of the house to walk and search for Pokémon.  I have been playing almost wince the game was released and I have two accounts.  The one account has collected one of almost every Pokémon available and the other isn't far behind.  Dominic thinks I'm completely nuts and obsessed, but it lets my mind relax and I have walked nearly 5000 kilometers playing the game.

I have a group of people in town that I play with.  We do raids together.  They're my Poke-friends, and one of them is going to have a baby soon, so he's the Poke-daddy.  You get the idea.  After playing for a half hour or so, I'm ready to go home and back to work.

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  1. Fantastic way to destress & stay healthy!! Go Pokémon! 💖

  2. How did you get your first book published? Any recommendations for a hopefully new author.