Friday, February 8, 2019

Author Love by Felice Stevens

I know I've said many times, if not every time I write a book, I love my characters. I get emotionally invested in their lives and if I don't give them my all, my everything, I feel as though I've let them down. It's not surprising. As authors we don't churn stories out, like cookies, just changing names and occupations like frosting color. We spend weeks or months with them and they become part of our lives from birth-first words on the page-through edits, proofing and finally release.

Like a parent, we don't like to claim we have a favorite character or story, but some stories or characters grab our hearts a little tighter than others. I've always said that Once Call Away was one of those books of my heart, and now I have another, that may have even inched its way into first place. The Coincidence.

The Coincidence started out based on an impossibly true NYC story of a computer date set-up. Coby is a snarky but sweet guy who has had incredibly bad luck in love. Eli is a man who has never known love. He barely knows himself. As I started writing their story, I experienced one of those magical moments in writing where the story wrote itself. It's why I can never be a planner. I could never have imagined this story would take me on a trip back to stories my mother told me of her childhood in Poland before she escaped the Nazi occupation.  What started out as a light-hearted book of finding love in a crazy way took a turn and became a story of heartbreak, loss and ultimately survival and of course, because it's me, a happily ever after.

I love this book. I love Coby and his good and giving heart and his way of using humor to keep from getting hurt. I love Eli, the big broody man who hides himself and thinks he'll never find love. Together, they create magic but both are afraid to believe love is possible for them. Enter Coby's 95 year old Great-Aunt, his Tante Fay who knows better.

I can't wait to bring you their story and I'll have more sneak peeks for you in the coming weeks. 

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!


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  1. Looking forward to reading this... has caught my attention. Enjoy