Thursday, February 7, 2019

Narrator Interview With Kenneth Obi

February is for lovers!  This week, we are loving spending the morning with narrator Kenneth Obi.  Let's talk audiobooks and romance! We'll also be sharing a copy of Ken's latest narration, Healing for his Omega, by Crista Crown and Harper B. Cole.  Happy listening!

FSC: What is your coffee house beverage of choice?Kenneth:  If I hit a coffee shack, it is always Black Rock (a Portland, Oregon locale) and I get their FUEL. 5 shots of espresso with vanilla and a splash of salted caramel.FSC:   Can you talk a little about your professional background? What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on?Kenneth: I am a writer mostly, under TW Brown. But, John was nice enough to encourage me to put my radio and theater background to good use and narration is now part of my day.

Kenneth:  Favorite projects would have to include the “Ward Security” series and “The Enchanter’s Flame”.FSC:  How did you get started as a narrator?
Kenneth:  I have a background in theater and talk radio. John Bricker gave me some encouragement and dipping my toe in turned to a full time gig.FSC: One thing that surprises many audiobook listeners is how long it takes to create an audiobook. What's the longest day you have spent recording?
Kenneth:  I pushed my voice for a 5 hour session once and could not talk for two days. Now I chop it up into short bursts of a couple hours at a time. But add in production and I have spent MANY 14-16 hour days.FSC: How long did your most recent project take you, and how long is the finished book? \Kenneth:  4 days with the missus and I putting in about 12-14 hours a day to produce a 6 hour and 52 minute book.FSC:  When you record, how do you break it up? Do you, for instance, read multiple chapters in one sitting?
Kenneth:  Depending on chapter length, I shoot for 1 and a half to 2 hour blocks and in between I do housework or write for an hour or two.FSC:  How do you decide what kind of tone to take with each new book? What is it like reading different characters' dialogue lines?Kenneth:  I skim read beforehand and to get an idea where things are going and then try to put as much “acting” into the work, focusing on making the character lines sound conversational and real. I ask myself how would this person be affected by events and what does that do to their voice tone.FSC:   What do you enjoy the most about narrating?Kenneth: The job changes every day.FSC:   When can we expect to hear from you with a new book?

Kenneth:  Currently I would say expect between 6-8 new titles voiced by me per month.

Check out Kenneth's latest FSC narration, Healing for His Omega.  

Find more from Kenneth on Audible, and find Kenneth Obi and Falcon Sound Company on Facebook. 

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  1. I love Kenneth’s work and listen to him all the time, he range of voices are amazing and he really brings characters to life. I have laughed, cried and jumped on numerous occasions lol