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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I Need A Drink! By S.C. Wynne

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Top of the morning to ya!!

I don't know about you, but I feel like my country has lost it's mind. Not the country so much as the "leaders" of our country. Today is St. Patrick's Day, so it's a nice excuse to tune out of social media and lift a pint, listen to some Irish music, and forget about all the weirdness of the world for one day.

I scoured the Internet for some delicious drinks that are St. Patrick's Day inspired! I love fancy drinks, sweet drinks and Guinness. I guess what I'm saying is; I enjoy drinking. Makes sense though, when you realize I'm Irish. But not just Irish, I'm also Italian, Scottish, French! So I guess drinking is  literally in my DNA.

Now here are some delicious drinks! I will try and make at least one of these tomorrow. How about you?

MUDSLIDE HOT CHOCOLATE (Not for the kids, folks!)

2 c. whole milk
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1/4 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
6 oz. chocolate chips
1/4 c. Baileys
1/4 c. vodka
1/4 c. Kahlua
Whipped cream, for serving
Chocolate Sauce, for serving
crushed oreos, for serving
Yes, please!!

Mudslide Hot Chocolate

BAILEY'S ESPRESSO MARTINI (Leave me alone! Mommy needs her num nums!)

2 oz. Baileys Irish Cream
1/4 oz. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka
2 oz. cold espresso

SHAMROCK SOUR (Cuz sometimes ya just feel sour)

2 tablespoons lime juice

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 cup simple syrup

2 ounces Irish whiskey

1 tiny drop of green food coloring

lime wedges for garnish

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! Sláinte!


Friday, March 16, 2018

New Audiobook Release by Felice Stevens

Sorry for this later than normal post. I was dealing with a doctor's appointment and then the time just got away from me. BUT in the meantime, Last Call, the MMM romance I co-authored with Christina Lee is now out in audiobook. Kale Williams, who is one of my favorite narrators in the genre, did a wonderful job giving Quinn, Gray and Emery such distinct voices. I hope you enjoy listening to their love story. Here is the link to Audible

Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's Not Easy Being Green.

Happy Thursday!  This week we learn a wee bit about the history of St. Patrick's day from that lucky charmer, narrator Dorian Bane. Here's wishing for a safe and happy holiday weekend. In the tradition of an Irish blessing, may the best day of your past be the worst day of your future!
Hello again!
It would seem that writing for a blog in general is a pretty straightforward exercise, that being said, I have been having a tough time coming up with topics for mine. (This is nothing new. I tend to be indecisive at best.) After wracking my brain attempting to come up with a viable topic for my post this month, I found myself at a bit of a loss. Finally, I struck on something, And by that I mean that I had an inspiring talk with friend and fellow Falcon Sound Company narrator, Rayna Cole.
After being briefly exposed to my whining about writers block and struggling to pick a topic, she very matter of factly, says “Its March and you're Irish…” and BAM! Just like that my problem was solved by a less indecisive person rolling a fun topic right into my lap. Thank you for the save Rayna! So, with March in full swing and St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, I thought I might help to sort through the blarney and share a bit of Irish history.

Before I really get into the meat of this, I would like to clarify something to avoid confusion. I am, of course, an American first and can only claim Irish heritage.I am a classic American mutt, born of the vastly diverse melting pot that is our country. That being said I am proud of my family’s Irish ancestry and celebrate it daily. I have the honor of riding with an Irish heritage Motorcycle Club here in Ohio, and enjoy Irish history as part of that heritage. I am also not religious in any way, but this post will have quite a bit to do with religion, since Patrick was a saint and all.
So, where do we start? I would say it is best that we begin with Patrick himself and why St. Patrick’s Day, (referred to from here on as “St.Paddy’s Day”, as that is infinitely more Irish!) is even a thing.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Paddy’s Day is not actually about doing Irish car bomb shots and drinking green beer till your liver hurts. (Though I have been known to do both of those things on occasion). It is the day that marks the death of St. Patrick and is traditionally marked by an annual feast, But what exactly is being celebrated? And why is this Patrick guy a saint anyway?
Well, to answer those questions, we have to take a trip back to approximately 401 A.D. when a large fleet of Irish coracles (boats) moved up the western coast of Britain, seizing young prisoners by the thousands. One of these prisoners was a sixteen-year-old boy named Patricius. Patricius was a middle class, Romanized Briton who had a shot at a classical education and solid career track within the Roman Empire...until the Celt raiding parties changed all that.

Upon being captured, Patricius and the others were taken to a slave market in Ireland and sold.
Patricius found himself sold to a local “king” named Miliucc, who ruled over some hills in the Irish district of Antrim. Here he finds himself, “chastened exceedingly and humbled in truth by hunger and nakedness and that daily,” and begins to work as a shepherd-slave.His work as a shepherd was arduous and meant spending months at a time isolated and alone in the hills with only the companionship of hunger, nakedness and sheep. 
(No, I am not making a bestiality joke, just saying the dude was not in a good way socially and wasn't exactly equipped to be out in the elements.)  Even though he'd never been a religious man, Patricius did what many do in times of hardship, he began to pray.

“I would pray constantly during the daylight hours. The love of God and the fear of him surrounded me more and more- and faith grew and the Spirit was roused, so that in one day I would say as many as a hundred prayers and after dark nearly as many again’’

After enduring six years of shepherding in isolation and contending with the elements, Patricius had transformed from a scared and lonesome slave boy into an unlikely holy man. On the last night of his servitude as a slave, Patricius apparently had his first otherworldly experience. A voice said to him: “Your hungers are rewarded: you are going home. Look, your ship is ready.”
Now the farm that he worked on was pretty far inland, But as you may guess he followed this voice’s instructions, believing it to be God, and proceeded to walk approximately two hundred miles to find “his ship”. At first he was turned away, But then allowed to board by the Captain and crew of a ship laden with a cargo of Irish hounds. Apparently the sailors even offered their nipples to be sucked. (I know that sounds weird, But it was kind of like a trust thing, like our saying “kiss and make up”. I could have left it out, But it is Cafe Risque after all.) Patricius of course declined the nipple sucking for “fear of God”, But they accepted him aboard anyway.
There are a few stories of his time with the sailors that point to his rising sainthood, but for now we will skip ahead. After a few more years Patricius finally makes it home to Britain. His family welcomes him back and beg him to never leave them again. By this time though, Patricius was no longer a Roman teenager and had been hardened by experiences that others around him could scarcely imagine. Add to this the fact that he has missed out on his formal education and it is understandable that he would be restless in what is now a strange and foreign place to him. Patricius had essentially, become Irish.
Soon after, he is visited in a vision by Victoricus, a man he knew in Ireland, holding “countless letters”, handing one to Patricius. The heading read “VOX HIBERIONACUM,” the Voice of the Irish. During this vision it is said that he heard the voice of a multitude, begging him to return to Ireland. This was then reinforced by the voice he had come to believe was God.
Not long after this dream, he leaves and follows the voices to Gaul and ends up at the steps of an island monastery. There he petitions for a theological education and is eventually ordained priest and then bishop. It was here that Patricius became Patrick. Patrick then returned to Ireland in the year 432 A.D. teaching his gospel blended with the teachings of the Celtic Druids, aiding others and speaking out against slavery at every turn. He set about these works fervently over the next twenty-nine years of his life, spreading his good works throughout Ireland.

By the time of Patrick’s death in 461 A.D. his sainthood had been assured, and the peoples of Ireland honored his life and work with an annual feast and celebration. That is how a Roman Britain who became a Celtic king’s slave found himself changed by the land, peoples and experiences of an Irish life among barbarians, and, after escaping, returned to them a holy man able to blend Christianity and Druidic teachings, settled the Celts down a bit and became a saint in the process.
So there is your history lesson for the month I guess. I went on a bit longer than intended, But I certainly didn’t want to leave too much out. I would like to credit author Thomas Cahill, whose book, “How The Irish Saved Civilization,” was unfathomably helpful in writing this post, along with other research I have done for myself. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Irish history, culture or folklore.
I hope you all have a happy and safe St. Paddy’s Day and whether you choose to go out this year for St. Paddy’s Day or decide to stay in and get sloshed at home, remember that it is all thanks to a naked slave boy who heard voices and refused to suck the nipples of sailors for fear of God. Lol. Slainte! Drink one for me! :)
Till next time…

Dorian Bane

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And, check out Dorian's latest narration, "Free Falling," by SE Jakes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Since half of us are half Irish, and the other half are all Irish on St. Patrick's day!



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First Book Shadow's Edge is LIVE in AUDIO by S.C. Wynne

Good morning all!

I hate to always be promoting my books, but I'm so excited that I have a brand new Audiobook out! It's my very first audiobook and I was lucky enough to hire Kale Williams as my narrator. His smooth, wonderful voice brings my characters to life, and it was an amazing experience producing this audiobook with Kale.

If you love mm mystery romance and audio books, I think you'll really enjoy this one!

Book Two just came out in ebook as well.


Liam Baker can see things. Dead people like to visit him and tell them how they were wronged. Some might call it a gift, others a curse. But either way, this ability makes him useful to Los Angeles homicide detective Kimball Thompson.
Some madman is slitting the throats of young male prostitutes and then dumping their bodies in the desert with vague clues of pink feathers and the number five. Usually, Liam can talk to the spirits of the dead. But someone is blocking him. Someone is taunting him.
The case is rapidly deteriorating into a violent, psychic pissing contest, and Liam can't see far enough ahead to figure out who wins or who dies.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Work is a pain in the...

Happy Friday eve cafe patrons! This week narrator John Solo faces the painful reality that work is not all candle-light and romance novels.

About a year ago I started having back pain.  Lower back pain, to be specific. Occasionally a knot would form on the lower right side, feeling like I had a hot baseball cramped up in there.  It was never completely debilitating; I could walk, for the most part I could still work, and it wasn’t a constant thing, just an unpleasant reminder that I am no longer a young man.  

Let me express to the universe right here and now how grateful I am that this problem didn’t become worse.  I have observed serious back problems in close friends and relatives, and thank all that is good in life that mine hasn’t become that.  Honestly, if I was more of a man’s man I probably would have just shrugged it off and kept chopping down trees or something. But I ain’t no lumberjack.  

Here is how pain normally progresses for me, in chronological order.

  1. Denial.  I will ignore that this unpleasant thing is happening to me, harkening back to a time in my youth when I could just not pay attention to my body and it would fix itself, in a very short period of time.  I believe athletes call this “shaking it off” (This audience may have other things come to mind when hearing that term… please keep your thoughts inside the vehicle at all times).
  2. Vigorous exercise.  This is where I will attempt to make up for a couple of decades of physical malaise by doing all of that exercising right NOW, preferably in one afternoon (I don’t like to get up too early), and done in time for my evening shows.  
  3. Whining.  Having hurt myself worse (see step 2) I will now proceed to complain about my dilemma to anyone within earshot.  That’s my wife. She’s pretty good at listening, for the first 45 minutes. After that I think I saw her looking at pictures of lumberjacks on Facebook…
  4. Web MD.  I don’t actually use that site, because I don’t like pharmaceutical commercials, but I WILL get online and web search whatever physical ailment I’m experiencing.  I will read 47 forum and blog posts straight, trying to narrow down my particular dilemma. You have to be careful on the internet. I mean, anyone can post anything up… you can get some very bad advice, and when dealing with pain you could potentially exacerbate the situation.  That’s why I generally tend to lean towards the ones that agree with what I’m already thinking and feeling… Screw those other people!!! Really, this step is just self affirmation and justification to move on to step 5.
  5. Spend money.  This is danger zone for me.  I love to spend money. LOVE IT.  If life’s problems could be solved by throwing $50 at them I’d be the happiest man alive.  Instead I have dusty shrines dedicated to failed “problem solver” purchases, and a bank that doesn’t even blink when I have charges from 3 different countries in a 24 hour period.  The problem with this step is that it’s a trap. Sometimes, and I stress the word sometimes, this step actually works.  Pinky swear. But as near as I can tell, from at least 600 scientifically conducted experiments in a controlled environment, most of the time all I do is buy CRAP.  
  6. Go to the doctor.  I’m not sure how this one works.  Supposedly these “doctors” are shaman like individuals that diagnose your physical ailments and use a mortar and pestle to concoct poltrices and such.  My wife tells me about them. To be honest, I’ve never gotten past number 5...

What does lower back pain have to do with MM Romance novels and/or audio book production?  For me, everything…

You see, I spend about 12 hours a day in front of a computer and/or microphone, narrating and producing MM audio books.  As it turns out, sitting in a chair for 12 hours a day isn’t the healthiest lifestyle choice. Our bodies were not designed for that.  We were made to move, be active, not to mention the lack of negative ions… So, as I came to discover, my work was becoming a pain in my back…

The solution for me ended up being three-fold.  First, I now have to do a stretching routine every morning… it takes less than 10 minutes, but over time it has really helped out.  I guess when you pass 40, exercising is no longer a choice, it becomes a necessity. Secondly, shifting positions every 10 minutes or so, and getting up and moving around every 45 minutes.  This seems like a no-brainer now, but I really did go for periods of at least a half hour without moving more than my mouse hand. I can’t believe I didn’t develop chair sores… LOL. Finally, and in true me fashion, I bought a new office chair.  :) I know, I know… don’t roll your eyes at me!  This purchase has definitely proven to be the exception to the rule.  

Now, instead of popping 3 ibuprofen and heading to my computer like I’m about to go 10 rounds with the champ, I’m back to looking forward to work.  And, this new chair is super sexy...

Check out John's latest narration, "A Wild Ride," by Andrew Grey!

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A Sneak Peek at Running to You

Good Wednesday morning.  Its cold and windy here as a nor'easter has moved in.  So its appropriate that I talk a little about Running to You because its a winter story set in Pennsylvania.  The story opens in an early snowstorm like we had a few years ago.  I love winter stories, there is something beautiful about love and life blooming in the darkest, coldest part of the year.  And this story is most definitely about someone discovering love and figuring out that their hearts desire, if they can only muster the courage to act on it.

Home, love, and possibilities he never imagined are waiting for Billy Joe to claim them. But first he needs to escape the horrors of his past.
 A twisted act of cruelty and prejudice drives Billy Joe from his Mississippi home, and he makes it as far as Pennsylvania—where his car breaks down just as the year’s first snowstorm blows in. Fortunately, Carlos is there to lend a hand.
Carlos is no stranger to hardship. His family rejected him for being gay, but with determination, he put himself through school and became a librarian. Carlos sees the same willpower in Billy, and he wants to help Billy and his son succeed in a new life that is very different from the one they left behind. With his support, they start to adjust, and before long, both men want more than encouragement from each other. They want the chance for a future together, but their families have other ideas… and Billy’s will stop at nothing to get what they want.
Book Links

“I wanted to ask. Is the dad you helped cute?”
And here Carlos had thought he’d managed to escape Angie’s matchmaking fanaticism… just once. She was the happiest person Carlos had ever known, and she wanted everyone to be as deliriously content as she was… whether they wanted it or not.
He groaned, trying to figure out how he could not answer without just hanging up.
Angie wasn’t going to let it go. “Just tell me!”
“Dang it. Yeah, he was cute, in a sort of clueless, scared rabbit sort of way. The guy is running from something. That’s pretty obvious, and there was fear written all over his face. I’m not sure what it was, but I think he looks the same way I did when I left Amarillo in the middle of the night. My cousin had threatened to kill me rather than have a maricón in his family.” Carlos swallowed hard as he remembered packing and getting out of town ahead of the lynch mob.
“That bad?” She whistled softly. “Just be careful and don’t get taken in.”
He rolled his eyes. She was a total mother hen. “I’ll be fine. It’s only for a night, and tomorrow he’ll probably be on his way.” He ended the call, making her promise again to let him know when she made it home okay.
His stomach rumbled, reminding him he hadn’t stopped to pick up something for dinner the way he originally had intended. He stared at the contents of his refrigerator and decided to reheat some pasta he’d made earlier in the week.
Carlos sat at his small table, eating his dinner. He was in no hurry, and a relaxing evening seemed in order. Once he was done, Carlos rinsed his dishes, headed to the sofa, and settled in to read.  
Books were his passion, so he spent his spare time with them rather than the television. The wind rattled the windows, and even though the apartment was warm, the sound chilled him. He grabbed the blanket from off the back of the sofa and pulled it over him, making a nest before getting lost in the story of pirates and adventure on the high seas. Angie texted him that she was home just as he got back into the story. 
Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.
Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Author Links
Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey
Twitter @andrewgreybooks